Simple Slow Cooker Recipes | Ideal For Newbies

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes | Ideal For Newbies

Simple slow cooker recipes are sometimes one of the meals you can cook with your slow cooker.

Easy to prepare, inexpensive, and most of all, always mouthwatering.

You don’t have to look far for simple slow cooker recipes, normally a trip to your local shop will do the trick.

For those who are new to slow cooking, a simple recipe to cook is a good way to get started.

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes

Here you can learn the timing, how the heat settings work and the added bonus of the aroma that fills the kitchen.

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes - Sauces

As you may of already used in the past, sauces in jars are a good way to get started with easy slow cooking.

Best of all, the ingredients are normally on the jars so you won’t go far wrong if in doubt.

With a range of simple meals to do in the slow cooker, ranging from Bolognese, chilli con carne, pasta bakes, chicken curries and many more you will find the ideal sauce to get you started.

When cooking with a sauce from a jar, it is normally done in the same method with all your spices and seasoning already in the jar.

Here we just add any meats or alternatives straight to the slow cooker, pop in the sauce, give it a stir and sit back whilst the magic happens.

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes - Packets

Packets are another way to knock up an easy slow cooker recipe. Again one method you may of used in the past when just using a conventional oven.

The range you can get is very good these days and as more and more people use them, the quality is pretty good now.

Everything from sausage casserole to beef stroganoff is now available from the local supermarket, with the ingredients on the back.

Just like the sauces you find in jars, it’s a case of popping your ingredients in the slow cooker, mix the packet contents with water and give it a good stir.

Simple Slow Cooker Recipes From Scratch

Home cooking is always best when done from scratch. Sometimes this can be a bit daunting as it’s new to us.

If you like to try your hand at some home cooking slow cooker recipes we have many right here on the website.

Some may be a little bit more complicated than others, some are straight forward. But the more you practise, the easier it gets.

Simple Slow Cooking Recipes

Before you know it you will be knocking up homemade curry pastes, making broth for your soups and getting the most out of your slow cooker.

If you have a simple recipe you would like to share with everyone, just leave us the recipe in the comments section or drop us an email via our contact page and we would love to share it with everyone to try.

Thanks for sharing!
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